Wine tasting

"Wine is bottled poetry" (Robert Louis Stevenson, writer, 1850-1894)

F4Y offers a wide range of services including amateur and professional courses, tastings, food parings, encounters with producers and more.

Initially, the world of wine and wine appreciation may seem intimidating. Thousands of years of history, thousands of types of wines and wine producers and so many rules about how to serve wine and how to pair food and wine ... its enough to make the timid run and hide!

But wine tasting and fine wine appreciation does not have to be scary or intimidating! The most important thing to remember is that food and wine are pastimes of leisure and pleasure and therefore not something you should stress about. Everyone can begin the process of learning about wine and how to taste wine at their own pace and in their own style. While some of you will become swept up in the passion and excitement of the world of fine wine, others will prefer to go slowly, simply enjoying wine occasionally. Either way, it only takes a bit of introduction to get you started and feeling comfortable about tasting and assessing, discussing, and serving wine.

Food for Yachting your favourite provisioning company, is also your wine degustation provider!

Our sommeliers are at hand to advise you whatever your requirements may be. From choosing the best sequence of wines for an important dinner to picking the most interesting new wines from emerging wine-making regions of Italy and the rest of the world, they are always happy to share their knowledge with our customers.

Just pop in the website and ask your questions: you will be surprised! Whether you would like to organise a tasting in the comfort of your own yacht or have an event for which you require a sommelier who will take you from start to finish, from wine pairing to delivery to presentation of the wines to your guests as well as wine service, we are happy to assist.

If you have a wine request not covered in Food for Yachting Wines' Catalogue, just ask as we might be able to help.

"Quickly bring me a beaker of wine so that I may wet my mind and say something clever" (Aristophanes, 450 a.c. – 385 a.c)