Cooking classes

Live, love and eat well

La dolce vita is the Italian way of life that visitors coming to Italy find extremely alluring and desirable. It is indisputably linked to the Italians’ instinctive capability of being real gourmets. Nowadays in Italy we still take into account our ancient culinary traditions and peculiarities of our regional cuisine. The traditional recipes learnt from our grandmothers are worth their weight in gold. The dinner table set the stage for conversations and debates and it is a truth universally acknowledged that good food recalls happy memories and happiness. The commonplace that Italians live to eat whereas the rest of the world eats to live still rings true.

Our cooking hands-on classes provide traditional and home-based recipes that will make you start your journey through the flavours and freshness of our traditional dishes. Our classes are held in English by Italian chefs or food-and-wine lovers who will inspire you and teach you their culinary secrets and the local techniques in a friendly atmosphere. The dishes you will cook and taste are prepared using fresh, organic and natural ingredients. Everyday you have the opportunity to prepare a complete meal, from the appetizers to the dessert, and eventually you will relish your meal drinking a wine that goes well with it. We also offer you the opportunity to have a professional sommelier explaining to you the right food and wine pairings and giving you the guideline to recognize a good wine.

Join F4Y’s food tours and you will have the opportunity to go deeper into the Italian culinary tradition and roots. These tours will introduce you to both the finest and the simplest Italian products: from the local markets to the niche gastronomy shops. We will discover together Italian cheeses, salami, prosciutto, vegetables, fruits as well as the most mesmerizing handcrafts. To top something off, you can go and visit a winery or a wine shop where you will learn everything you need about wines: from the vine to the glass. Enjoy it!