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Meat & Poultry

The staff of experts can help you in choosing the best cut and the suitable recipe. The traceability of food supply chain that distinguishes each cut allows us to offer products that are safe and certified daily at every stage of the production process. The best Italian and international meats become specialties for F4Y. The staff of experts can help you in choosing the best cut and the suitable recipe.

Each operation is carried out in accordance with the techniques more respectful of each denomination and / or recipe in which they will be subjected to offer you the opportunity to taste the excellence every day by means of a plate authentic, safe and tasty.

Our meat, game and poultry are renowned for great taste and quality.

F4Y believes this has a lot to do with the care that goes into raising the animals and the true partnerships we have with farmers and ranchers. These partnerships allow us to offer the wide selection you see in F4Y meat department, from grass-fed beef to pasture-raised veal to organics. Our partnerships are developed with a dedication to transparency, accountability and responsibility. We seek out partnerships with like-minded farmers and ranchers concerned with animal welfare. We collaborate with our farmers and ranchers to continually improve how animals are raised for meat.

We believe the humane treatment of animals should be guided by an attitude of care, responsibility and respect. We work closely with our farmers and ranchers to focus on raising animals for high quality, great-tasting meat. We've sought out partnerships with a variety of regional and local grass-fed ranchers with the goal of helping bring grass-fed ranching back into the mainstream because of its positive impact on the animals, the environment and how it supports local communities. Organic livestock standards prohibit the use of added growth hormones and the use of antibiotics. The animals can be fed only organic feed, and the processing for all meat and poultry products must meet organic standards as well.

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